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At Legeci we want to promote health and well being in an engaging manner through social and environmental projects to enhance daily living.

Whether it be supporting a humanitarian cause to help the homeless, promoting healthy eating in children, or educating the public about the benefits of exercise, we believe small, simple yet effective choices can translate into big benefits. Join us on our journey as we bring you new and exciting endeavors to make health and wellbeing a priority.

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Legeci Health Blog

Legeci has teamed up with Dr. Ahmed (#DrLegeci) and others to bring you the very first Muslim global health promotion website by medical professionals. The Legeci Health Blog is loaded with useful information from credible sources that you can trust. Our blogs are concise, reliable and easy-to-read.

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Our Inspiration

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an exemplary human being who was a man of action and always led by example. He embraced diversity and loved mankind regardless of colour, ethnicity, or religion. He may not have agreed with every lifestyle, but he preached tolerance and mutual respect for coexistence. He united tribes and nations. He advocated for women’s rights, such as the right to choose their spouse, keep their maiden name, inherit property and others at a time when baby girls were being buried alive. He faced fierce opposition and ridicule for banning this practice. He disliked violence and saw it only as a last resort to self-defence and justice. He believed in obtaining the truth and standing up for social justice, irrespective of who it was against. He showed that honesty and trust were the way to do business, science and religion complement each other, dialogue and mutual understanding can resolve conflicts. He stood up to protect the rights of the needy, the environment and animals. He smiled often, as he believed even a smile can be charity. He was a prophet, husband, father, leader, thinker, humanitarian, and environmentalist. He practiced these values over 1400 years ago while we still struggle to practice them today. He was loved and respected by all for his humble, just and unbiased nature. It is no wonder that Michael Hart touted him as the most influential man in history.

Brief Biography
Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) was born in 560 AD. His father died before Muhammad was even born. At the tender age of only six he was orphaned as his mother died of an illness. His wet nurse transferred him to the tutelage of his paternal grandfather who was a prominent leader at the time in Makkah. Soon after, even his grandfather took ill and died and subsequently Muhammad’s paternal uncle took him as his own son. The uncle was a poor man and a merchant. Muhammad worked as a shepherd and helped him with his caravan. By now Muhammad was in his teens and made a reputation for himself in the business community. He became known as As-Sadiq, the Truthful, and Al-Amin, the Trustworthy. He got married at the age of 25 to a tradeswoman who was 15 years his senior and they were together for 25 years. It was during this time Muhammad’s prophecy became evident to him when he had his first revelation in the cave of Hira through angel Gabriel at the age of 40. This experience overwhelmed Muhammad and he was uncertain on how to deal with the responsibility. The period of 23 years of his life that followed was a challenging and tortuous journey as he would change the face of Arabia and the rest of the world. Muhammad could not read or write, yet his revelations were beyond anyone’s imagination. His revelations were transcribed and later compiled in a book known as the Quran. These revelations remain unchanged even till today. Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) died at the age of 63 in 632 AD shortly after delivering his final sermon and leaving behind a legacy paralleled by no other man. Know more about Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). Read about his true legacy.

Expore the documentary as seen on PBS .To be inspired by his teachings, visit Inspired By Muhammad.

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We create a transdisciplinary environment by addressing relevant issues and sharing innovative solutions. Some of the works we're proud of are below.

The Legeci Health Blog is the first Muslim global health promotion site by medical professionals for healthy living.

Penwak is about promoting the all-natural Salvadora persica miswak tooth-stick for oral hygiene. Introducing the patented Penwak Swivel Case which is the most modern and natural oral hygiene system ever.

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